Koger & Partners

We took on the project in the beginning of 2007 and it lasted for about a month. During that period we created a large quantity of furniture needed for the freshly renovated office — workplaces, shelves, cabinetry.

Since the interior design used a concrete and limestone as the main element, the furniture project was inspired by these materials as well. The materials used were limited mainly to wood, metal and glass. Several furniture items use metallic elements similar to the ones used in the office roof constructions, for example.

Mild wood textures used both in the interior and furniture together with the massive stone walls helped to create a cozy atmosphere.

The architect's vision was to keep as many elements from the old interior as possible and that was reflected in the furniture project as well.

The author of the interior design and furniture project for Koger & Partners, Lembit Tork, was awarded 2006 annual prize by the Estonian Union of Interior Designers in the "Best Historical Interior" category.


The ultra modern Fahle House in Tallinn is a home for construction and real estate company Koger & Partners. Regenerator helped to make the furniture for their office space.