Skype's goal, when setting up the new office space in 2006 in Tallinn, was to create a work environment that would be both cosy and comfortable for its employees. The more like home, the better. This also called for a simple, yet practical furniture solution.

For two months we worked on the furniture project and production alongside with Tarmo Piirmets, interior designer from Tallinn-based design company Pink, responsible for Skype's interior design. The result — almost four floors filled with different pieces of furniture.

In addition to simpler solutions like tables, shelves and closets, we also needed to furnish Skype's kitchens, meeting rooms and restrooms, the reception and different leisure areas. The furniture was mainly based on metal, wood and glass and it followed a similar styling throughout the whole office, remaining still flexible for different interior design solutions for different areas of the office.

The biggest challenge was the forementioned meeting room table of 38.64 square metres and with embossed Skype logo in the middle of it.

Skype Tallinn office interior design was awarded "Best Office Interior" prize at the local annual competition in 2006. And we are happy to work with them today as well.

Thank you, Heidy from Skype and Tarmo from Pink!


To furnish their new Estonian offices, Skype needed, among other things, 58 tables, numerous amounts of closets, drawers and shelves and a meeting room table with the size of 38.64 square metres.