Together with Velvet's creative folks and interior designer Taavi Aunre from Boom, we created a furniture solution for their fresh and creatively practical office space completed in 2006.

After a months work we furnished the kitchen, leisure areas, workplaces, reception and other rooms. The principle was to keep it simple but intriguing. Just as the creative shops like it.

Mainly focused on design, Velvet's office mixes the opposites — cozy and chilled atmosphere characteristic to their part of town, and a clean, modern and minimalistic style. Besides the interior in general, this is principle is also applied to their furniture design.

The furniture styling and materials had to be suitable for the open and spacious parts of the office...

... and for the laid-back rooms like the kitchen. Workplaces and meeting rooms followed the same principles.

Velvet office interior design and Taavi Aunre were awarded "Best Office Interior" design award by the Estonian Union of Interior Designers in 2006. Congratulations!


Trendy creative office of Velvet Creative Alliance in Tallinn, Estonia, has an routine-free and provocative interior design. We had a part to play in helping to create it.